Friday, May 9, 2014

Special Time

One of my favorite times of day is called special time. This is a half hour chunk at the end of quiet time dedicated to me spending one on one time with the child who's day it is.

Only a half hour may not seem like much, but we've all really benefitted from it.  It's the refectory amount of time for great fun and conversation.

What do we do at special time? 

That depends.

Each child gets to pick the activity every time it is his or her day.

This week, Ellie selected her magnet girls. These magnetic paper dolls are a lot of fun. But, since Owen and Simon can eat them, they can't make an appearance in the living room very often. 

At quiet time though, Simon is napping in the playroom and Owen is chilling in his room with his iPad. Perfect opportunity for the smaller toys. 

During special time we've walked, snuggled with a short movie, made cookies or played in the water. We've played store, library and baby doll. 

And best of all? No matter the activity it's the perfect time to get a little extra loving in. To have  some special talks about dreams, plans and wishes. And to just enjoy special time. 

It's been one of the best changes  in my day this past year, and a time we will be sure and keep in the future. 

The kids all know what day is theirs, and enjoy planning our time together. What a blessing! 

Now to make it even better and program some choices into the iPad for Owen. That way he can select too instead of just relying on me to pick. 

How do/did you handle special time with your kids? 

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