Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekly Round Up In Pictures

Weekly roundup...version May 11-17

Sunday, May 11

Mother's Day!

I didn't take a picture...oops!  Too busy enjoying my crew.

Monday, May 12

Simon is a hat boy! He actually left it on for a while...Thanks to Jayme for taking this picture.  You can see my shoulders--I'm holding the cutie!

Tuesday, May 13

Sydney's hair is FINALLY long enough for a ponytail.  Now to get her to leave in the rubber bands...

She wanted me to put her shoes on her so we could go outside. 
Wednesday, May 14

This is the day I mentioned in my last post... the day that involved cleaning grossness in a closet.  I also took a picture of the mess, but decided to share the good part of the day instead.  Having a blast in Grouse Creek!

Thursday, May 15

The girls worked together to water the baby calves.  It's so nice to have good helpers with chores!

Friday, May 16

Thanks to Jeffrey for taking this picture.  We tethered Annie (our heifer) to mow down the grass by the barn.  She did a good job.  

Saturday, May 17

Ellie volunteered to straighten the pantry for me.  I accepted.  She did a great job emptying it out, wiping out the shelves and putting everything back.

I hope you had a great week as well!

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