Saturday, May 24, 2014

Picture Round Up: May 18-24

Can you believe May is almost over? Next is June, which is the midpoint if 2014. Wow!

This weekend we were excited to have Bryan's grandparents and my sister Mindy and brother-in-law Drew (and Drew's parents) for a big get together.  We had some BBQ chicken, steak and hamburgers and plenty of filling sides. What a fun way to kick off a long weekend! 

It's been a good week. Let's look at some highlights...

Sunday, May 18

Look at those blossoms! The plum, cherry and apple trees are beautiful! Looking forward to an abundant harvest this year. 

Monday, May 19

We took a nice walk.  Here are our three girls--Jayme, Ellie & Sydney.  You can see Jeffrey in the background.  Bryan even got home early enough to go with us!

Tuesday, May 20

Jeffrey finished up his school books for the year.  He loved completing the last page! Look at that huge grin.

 Now just a couple more kids to go. We should be done with school completely in 2 more weeks! I'm ready for summer break. 

Wednesday, May 21

An early morning walk out towards the junk pile with my little girls provided them opportunity to play in their "trampoline." Yup--that's a plastic bed liner for a truck.  They love to get in it and jump.  

Thursday, May 22

Look what my sweet Jayme bought for me at the library book sale!!!   My favorite book by Joel Salatin.  I've seriously read this one about three times.  I highly recommend it.  The principles in it can apply to any business--not just farming.  If you have a family business, or would like to, give it a read if you get the chance.

Friday, May 23

Aunt Mindy and Uncle Drew came bearing amazing dress up clothes for a late birthday present for Ellie.  She loves them so much, and looks adorable!  She also received a great black hat with flowers around the brim that's she has been wearing this weekend.  Thanks to Drew for taking the picture and sending it to me.

Saturday, May 24

So many picture opportunities today...visiting with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma in the motor home, walking around the farm with Aunt Mindy and Uncle Drew....playing games together....what family fun! 

With all those choices, what will I pick?

Ready for it?

The tent city that is being set up at Grouse Creek.

Between the Rivers is happening again.  Though it doesn't technically start until Tuesday, the instructors have been busy setting up camp.  It was nice to spend time talking to some of them this afternoon.

If you look closely you can see that a framed plywood bridge has been decked out on top of the log bridge.  It's a bit easier to cross for those who aren't used to walking on logs. 

There'll be even more tents set up tomorrow and Monday. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Bryan has Monday off and we're having his mom out for lunch.  Do you have any plans?

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