Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Already? Pic Round Up

This is the first week since I started my blog that I didn't post until Saturday.  Definitely didn't hit my goal of three posts a week this time around.  But that's okay!  It's just a goal.  And living life takes precedence to blogging about life.

I enjoyed visiting with Bryan's grandparents the first half of the week, and spending time at Between the Rivers the second half.  (With some overlapping of both occasions!) The week kind of flew by.  Time has a tendency to do that I'm  noticing. 

There is so much I want to share with you from Between the Rivers.  I even started a post or two.  One of what exactly Between the Rivers is, and one on the Atl Atl.  (Never heard of that?  Don't worry, I hadn't either.  But it's neat!!!)

But, as I was writing, something would come up, so I'd have to hit save and then I never got back to them.  Never fear.  Those posts will get published eventually! 

Since it's Owen's birthday today, and my computer time will definitely be limited, those posts won't be today though! But they are coming.  

In the meantime, here are some teaser photos for those upcoming posts.  It was a great week!

Sunday, May 25

It's only Sunday evening and already the kids are exhausted!  Little Ellie Bean didn't make it through evening service at church.  Bryan snapped this great picture of her.  Kind of wraps up how we are all feeling this week!

Monday, May 26

I've decided the biggest reason I miss my iPhone (well one of them...) is the ability to take panoramic photos.  Our iPod Touch is a Generation 4, and just doesn't have that feature.  Thankfully my husband still has his, and he took this awesome one for me on a walk we took.

You can see the camp set up in our field.  Well, this is part of the camp.  More campers arrived later this day and on Tuesday.  I told you it was a  busy week!

  Tuesday, May 27

This is me trying to use a combination of my iPod and Photoshop to create the allusion of the panoramic shot. I think I made it too skinny though.  This time it's of the parking area.  You can see our barley hay planted in the field too.  It's up now!

Wednesday, May 28

Jeffrey worked with Grandpa and the man teaching blacksmithing today.  He LOVED it!  He made an S hook.  And was so proud of it.  He got to help heat metal until it was red, beat it with a hammer into shape and use a wrench to twist.  What five year old boy wouldn't love that?

Kind of makes me want to dig out the old smithy supplies we have on the farm and set up a forge of our own.  What a great opportunity!

Thursday, May 29

Jayme spent the week working on a large project.  A bow.  She started with a large piece of maple, and used hand tools to cut it to shape and size.  Here she is sitting and filing a rough patch.

 She has blisters on her hands to show how hard she worked.  I think she put in 11 or 12 hours over the course of three days on this, and then took the four hour arrow making class on Friday.  Her bow is beautiful! 

But...she scraped it too thin in one spot and now it has a hinge--a really weak spot that will break if it's shot too much.  Thankfully the instructor was able to bind it with wood and sinew and he thinks it'll work fine for her after it dries. 

Friday, May 30

We joined in camp potluck and campfire fun last night.  Ellie and Sydney snuggled up close after dinner and enjoyed listening to the guitars and drums. 

Saturday, May 31

Owen's birthday!!! I can't believe he's 8.  Know what else I can't believe?  It's almost 8:30 in the morning and the kids are all sleeping still (except Simon).  They NEVER sleep in that much.  I told you we were all tired!

Since it's Owen's birthday, I wanted to share a picture of him.  He snuggled up next to me on the couch at 1:00 a.m., and crashed.  I tiptoed out to snap a picture, and even got some eyeballs. 

Here you go--my sleepy 8 year old! (Who was born shortly before 8 a.m. in Moses Lake in 2006...)

And since that's not a very good picture, you get a bonus.  Another shot from Friday night.  Owen LOVED the music even more than the little girlies.  He was waving his arms to the music and bouncing up and down.  So here's a better picture of my oldest son--on his last evening ever being 7.

See--too much partying at night leads to sleepy mornings! 

We had a wonderful week, and are going to enjoy birthday celebrations today.  Have a terrific weekend! And I'll be back next week!

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