Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Between the Rivers 2014

You've probably wondering why in the world I keep referring to this event called Between the Rivers.  And wondering what it is.

Between the Rivers is a gathering put on by a non-profit organization called Bridges to the Past.  This organization is "...dedicated to education and preservation of our shared human history through the skills of our ancestors." Pretty neat! 

The gathering allows people to gather for a few days and learn some of those skills.  Classes were offered this year in bow making, flintknapping, fire starting, herbal medicine, felting, bread and cheese making, and many primal topics.  Instructors from all around the US came to stay and share their knowledge.  

My kids are mainly too young to really enjoy the classes yet, though Jayme selected some to take, and spent most of the week down at the creek learning.  The rest of us stayed home and ventured down at different times of day to enjoy.  My parents helped wheel Owen around and supervise some activities for my little ones.  Jeffrey particularly enjoyed the blacksmith forge.  

As our children get older, we'll be able to all participate more, which will be fun.  

Jeffery's S hook
If you're interested in learning more about this gathering, check out their website.  Perhaps you'll even decide to register for the 2015 gathering. 

Having lots of campers invade the property for a week is definitely different.  Seeing a group of people decide to open your pasture gate and walk through it instead of the road can be annoying.  Especially since the pasture didn't actually lead to the gathering space!

But for the most part, we really enjoyed their presence again this year, and people were really respectful of the land.  Which we appreciate! And I love that it helps my kids learn to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds.  That is true socialization!

Are there any primal skills that you enjoy?

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