Monday, June 16, 2014

Exploring Our Area

I'm married to a man who loves to explore. To set off on a drive with some snacks and a camera and see what we can find.  It's a blessing to be able to be by his side and explore as a family. The experience really is more important than the destination.

We are blessed to have the beautiful Columbia River rolling through our county. This past Saturday, we did something new. We rode on the ferry across the water. 

The Columbian Princess is the ferry we took. 

Everyone was excited about the opportunity, and we were thrilled by the price: free! 

Here's what the kids looked like, as we waited for the ferry to pull out. Owen was fascinated by the water!

After we drove off the ferry, we headed off on an adventure. Along the way, we stopped at some historical sites. Bryan got a great picture of all the kids. They are sitting on a bench created from a piece of the dam that used to be at this site. 

We were able to walk into the bathhouse,  the building you can barely see behind them. It was so neat to see how they had constructed this structure with a broad axe and logs. 

As we left this place behind, we began our long journey home. We wound through beautiful mountins and worked our way home from Kettle Falls and Colville--a direction we hardly ever travel. 

It's amazing how many adventures are hiding just a few hours from home. We have many historical landmarks, scenic loops and more.

I'd encourage you to explore your area and see what you can see. I would love to hear about your explorations! 

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