Saturday, June 7, 2014

First Weekly Pic Round Up of June

I told you last week was busy.  See how Simon ended up at our potluck after church Sunday morning?

Yup.  He really did fall asleep in the high chair.  It was so cute! Thanks to Bryan for taking the pic!
Monday, June 2

My parents got Owen a cute swimming pool with a slide for his birthday.  We enjoyed a long, relaxing play time on Monday.  Owen didn't quite make the picture.  But he was playing in the hose, trying to spray anyone who dared take it away from him to fill the pool more.  Water fights are pretty serious business around here! 

Tuesday, June 3

Garden work day.  The space is now Simon tasted and approved.  Of course, I didn't have my phone out to capture the cuteness.  But thankfully Steve, my step-dad, was on hand and took care of that for me.  Thanks!

Now we just need to pull the rest of the sod (which may or may not get done this year) and finish a small section of fence.  I'm hoping to plant some things Monday.  As a huge blessing, my Mom started many things for us in her greenhouse, and picked me up a few plants this weekend.  Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, June 4

The day we had the nearby fire.  This offers a different angle view of it.  I really prefer the pictures my flip phone takes compared to the old iPod.  Too bad they're such a hassle to upload (have to text them to Bryan first, and then save them to the camera roll to access them on the computer.) 

Okay.  Maybe that's not actually too hard.  I'm just a whiner!  I should do it more often to capture better quality shots!
Thursday, June 5

One of the hard parts about living on a gravel/dirt road is biking.  It's a lot harder to get the hang of it.  Jeffrey and Jayme whiz down the road like mad, but Ellie hasn't quite mastered the moves yet. It's much easier for me to keep up with her while walking!  We enjoyed a stroll to the log bridge this evening before dinner. 

Friday, June 6

I really thought I took a picture today.  I did in my mind at least!  So here you can imagine a picture of a happy Rusty Redbull and three cow ladies in a field.  Since it's June, we released him into the fields early this week, and it's been neat watching them all interact.  He's not as picky about the grass he eats, which I'm enjoying.  He's tackling some of the weed patches the ladies left.  Get fat Rusty...get fat!  And theoretically in 9.5-10 months we'll have three new calves running around....

Saturday, June 7

 Simon LOVES the vacuum.  He thinks it's so fun to play with.  Except he always pulls it over and hits his leg or his arm or something with it.  So he fusses a bit.  Once we cuddle and put him back down, he heads right back to the vacuum.  Silly boy!

Have a wonderful Sunday!  I'll let you know next week how the garden is coming!

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