Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekly Round Up, Weekly Round Up, Here are Some Pictures for Yo-u!

Thanks to my three girls, I've had a My Little Pony song stuck in my head all day.  Hence the title of this post.  Just imagine cute little ponies running around singing, "Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up, Let's finish our holiday cheer."  And just in case you can't imagine it, the link will take you to a You Tube video.  Be easily becomes stuck. 

Enough about ponies.  Let's talk pictures. This week was kind of hit and miss for taking them.  Hopefully next week I'll be more on track. And remember to bring my iPod with me.

Sunday, June  22nd

Another generation of barn cats being tamed by Jayme.  Three kittens in this batch.  The kids are enjoying playing with them, and most mornings they scramble into the barn for milking time in hopes of getting a squirt or two.  Now I just need to teach them to catch it...

Monday, June 23rd

No picture.

Tuesday, June 24th

The was sure fun to play in!  Bryan helped to get it fixed up--the middle is supposed to be higher than the front and back!  The tent is now moved from this location, to a smoother spot in the yard.  It's also further away from our "lightning rod" flag pole! 

Wednesday, June 25th

Just a crockpot.  A picture taken specifically for a blog post.  Nothing fancy.

Thursday, June 26th

Exciting day for us!  The Parent Partnership Program where I used to work had a surplus sale.  $10 for a bag full of homeschooling materials.  Look at all the things I got for $30.  Some highlights:  Dave Ramsey's Foundations for Personal Finance course for homeschoolers (all complete!), Institute for Excellence in Writing's Student Intensive Writing Course B (for Jayme in 8th grade), Ruby Bridge's Through My Eyes, and a complete Sing, Spell, Read & Write K-1 set.  Wow!  Lots of other things too!

Friday, June 27th

No pic.

Saturday, June 28th

This is a really blurry picture.  It worked a whole lot better in my mind than in actuality.  It was too dark in our house when I took it, but if I had turned on a light, I would have woken them all up. This shows our living room, with five of the six kids (all but Simon) asleep on either the couch or the floor, all snuggled close and piled under blankets.  It was sweet. 

Memo to self...check the weather forecast BEFORE you tell the kids we'll all be sleeping in the tent that night.  Thunder, lightning and rain.  Not a pretty picture for a tent.  They were so disappointed, especially since Jayme, Jeffrey and Ellie worked so hard prepping the tent with blankets, sleeping bags and pillows. 

To make it up to them (kind of), we brought all of them inside and camped in the living room.  They crashed after popcorn and a movie.  And we all stayed warm and dry. 

We're hoping to really camp next week--when the weather is better.

I hope your week was just as good as ours, and perhaps your weather a little better!  (I KNOW we need the rain, but I prefer the sun in June!)

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