Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekly Picture Round Up

It seems like only last Saturday it was 10 something at night and I was in bed realizing that after our wonderful drive that day, I completely forgot about getting my weekly pic round up done. 

I almost thought today was going to be a repeat.  We went down to my dad's and enjoyed a good visit while Bryan helped with some car maintenance.  (Having a hubby who used to manage a Jiffy Lube comes in handy!) 

But, we made it home and got everyone to bed, and I thought I'd type this up really quick.

So without further ado, here you go.  A week's worth of memories from Grouse Creek.

Missing a pic for Sunday, so we'll begin with Monday.  Another hidden nest.  This time in a bed of stinging nettles.  Thank goodness for gloves that protect.  18 eggs--all of them good!  Made a double batch of lemon pudding for snack this day, and we all ate up!

Tuesday, June 17

I spent most of Monday sick, and Sydney came down with it as well.  She wanted a bed on the living room floor, and she slept.  Isn't she a cutie?  Now we just have to work on breaking that thumb habit...
 No picture on Wednesday either--I was on a roll this week!  For forgetting that is!

Thursday, June 19

The day we moved the Legos downstairs.  Here's a shot from the bottom step.  You can see both play areas and our storage for them. 
 Friday, June 20

My parents bought a tent at a yard sale a couple years ago.  It's been in their shop ever since.  I decided today was the day we'd set it up for our Friday adventure.  It was certainly an adventure. 

I've NEVER set up a tent before.  This one didn't have directions.  I had no idea, so after Jayme and I messed around with it a  bit, I called my sister Mindy (who enjoys camping with her husband) to ask for advice.  I said something along the lines of...

How do I know what shape tent this is supposed to be, and how would you go about setting it up if you didn't know what you were doing and you had no directions?  My wonderful sister was very patient and had me send her some pictures.  She got us going in the right direction and offered to help when they come next month to butcher chickens if we didn't have it by then.

But we did!  My mom came over, and was a trooper at helping.  We tried a few methods until we finally stumbled upon something that worked. It's crooked, and we won't be sleeping in it until Bryan goes over it and helps me make sure everything is tight.  But, it is a tent and the kids are loving it.  We'll just leave it set up for a bit. 

This pic was snapped during our three hour trial and error to set it up.  Sydney was playing with Simon.  And trying to keep him from crawling under the tent.  He loved that!

 Saturday, June 21

Firewood day!  Bryan took this awesome picture after he decked some logs.  Don't the kids look great?  From front to back...

Simon, Sydney, Ellie, Jeffrey, Owen and Jayme.  I love them all so much! 

Good night everyone! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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