Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weekly Pic Round Up

Here we go...our week in brief.

Sunday, April 27

Using our awesome noodle maker--I finally figured out how much liquid to use when making whole wheat noodles (a bit more than for all-purpose).  Yeah!

 Monday, April 28

Jeffrey on one of Grouse Creek's bridges.  The creek is getting higher!

 Tuesday, April 29

Ellie painting.  We had a lot of fun painting on paper today.  She decided that black and white newspaper was too boring!
Wednesday, April 30

Jayme just realized how much paint got in her hair while priming the chicken coop.  That MAY have been my fault.  I was holding the paint bucket when she stood up and hit it.  Oops!  Oh well, it's out now!

 Thursday, May 1

Jayme's new swimsuit arrived!  Of course, we had to have some sprinkler play since it was a beautiful day!
 Friday, May 2

Jeffrey holding one of the new baby chicks.  I played with some settings in Photoshop for this one, and turned it grey-scale.  I like it better this way. 

 Saturday, May 3
What's one way you know it's spring or summer here at the farm?  There are building projects going on.  Much to do this year. 

New pig pen.  Check.  New chicken coop...almost check.  Replace our water damaged kitchen floor....scheduled for the end of August when Bryan can (hopefully!) have a week off from work. 

Insulate the shop and add plywood under the metal check!  Here is some of the family up on the roof.  Ellie enjoyed the height the most, though Jeffrey was the best at the ladder. 

More family fun to come next week.  An adventure to the creek on Friday with a picnic and feet dipping (weather dependent...) and hopefully a marshmallow roast in our fire-pit one weeknight!

How was your week?

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