Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Countdown: Our Tradition

Until last year, we didn't really have a tradition we could claim for a Christmas countdown. And then I came across this post, which sounded totally doable and enjoyable. The kids all loved it, and we are doing it again this year--which makes it officially (at least in my opinion!) a tradition!!

I go through our books and movies and select the Christmas ones. If I don't have 24 (which we don't yet), I order a few from the library and/or purchase ones we'd like to have. 

Some of the books and a Veggie Tale movie that we have gathered so far.  The Dr. Suess collection contains How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which is what we'll be reading from there. 

Then I wrap them up, one per package (except if it's a really short book I might do two together.) they are then labeled for what day of December they are to be opened, and placed in a container.

Each evening, as part of our family time, the person whose day it is finds the present for that day and opens it. We then snuggle to read, or watch the selection. 

I try to think ahead and put longer movies on Friday or Saturday, and get quick reads for Sunday and Wednesday when we are home late from church. That way it fits into the schedule nicely and we aren't skipping this enjoyable time on a crazy night.

A Bible is wrapped up for Christmas Day, and we open it in the morning before anything else.  Bryan will read from Luke 2 so we can focus our hearts on the true meaning of Christmas. 

It has been so much fun planning this year's selections. I'm purchasing A Charlie Brown Christmas (again because it got scratched last year before we made a digital copy), The Christmas Shoes trilogy movies, and Charlie Brown Christmas Tales.The only other movie I want to get (but it'll be next year at this point) is the Home Alone Collection. Books will make up the other days.  I'm excited! 

And so are the kids. Ellie got to open our first one tonight, and we all snuggled up to enjoy Christmas in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.  Maybe I'll make some cocoa for us to drink tomorrow night...

I'm so thankful for great ideas found on the Internet, and for this awesome time to spend as a family each night this month.  What a great way to build memories!

How do you count down to Christmas? 

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