Friday, December 19, 2014

Gingerbread Houses from Graham Crackers

Today was the day...or rather tonight was the night. We had bought all of the supplies and had an easy dinner of pizza and salad on the menu. The Christmas countdown selection was "Charlie Brown Christmas."

And one at a time after dinner, Daddy helped each of the kids construct a cracker gingerbread house. They need to dry overnight so they will hold up to loads of decorations tomorrow. 

Everyone was so excited as they watched the movie, eagerly awaiting their turn. Here are a few pics of the process:

Jeffrey and Daddy get the evening started. 

The final gingerbread house, for Owen and Simon to share, is a double!

Sydney loved looking at the ideas in the cookbook!

After five houses were standing, we moved them to the utility room to dry (it's cold in there...)

Then there was more fun. Leftover cut graham crackers and frosting needed to be used. The kids got to use the "glue gun" of frosting on their own and build little creations to eat. 

Ellie made a tower.

Sydney decorated the whole bowl. 

And Jeffrey perfected his J writing skills. 

It was a wonderful evening! And I'm so thankful that Bryan took the lead on building these things. I can decorate. But making a house that actually looks straight while standing? Not really my strong area. I love how we compliment each other as a couple! 

Have you ever decorated graham cracker houses? This is our second year, and I imagine it'll be a lasting tradition. Maybe someday we'll get brave and use real gingerbread! 

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