Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pictures for the Week (12/20 ending)

Ok...blogging on the computer this evening instead of the phone app.  Hopefully the post will actually publish!  Sorry about the confusion with two picture wrap-ups in a row.

This is for the current week (12/14-12/20).  Let's get started, shall we?

Sunday, December 14

No pictures.

Monday, December 15

Jeffrey made a catapult from some scrap wood on the porch.  I actually managed to catch a shot with the rock in the air!  Never a dull moment around here...

Tuesday, December 16

Sometimes when something crazy happens, you have to stop to take a picture first.  Those few seconds allow you to breath and calm down. of THOSE moments happened on Tuesday.  Simon grabbed the bottom of the roll of toilet paper off the wall and started running.  He made it through the gate into the living room before I caught up to him.

Wednesday, December 17

Shopping Day.  Five of the kids had dental appointments, so we hung out in the waiting room for a while.  Jeffrey gave Simon a ride on a toy they have there, and both boys were really enjoying themselves!

Thursday, December 18

We made Christmas tree Rice Krispie treats as our first Christmas goodies of the season.  Everyone got to sample one, and the rest went into the freezer to share with family and friends later on in the Christmas season.  Two pictures for your viewing pleasure--one of the process, one of the product!

Friday, December 19

Addressing Christmas cards.  The kids decorated most of the envelopes for me.  Sydney had to be reminded a few times to stick to the back so I had room to write!  We made it to the Post Office with just a few minutes to spare, and thankfully--they are mailed!  Then we came home, and built gingerbread houses with Daddy!

Saturday, December 20

Decoration Day for our houses! Sydney, Ellie, Jeff and Jayme were all able to use the frosting "guns" independently this year, so I just helped open candies and refill things when needed.  (I thought Sydney would need help, but she is a very independent girl and determined not to need help when Ellie and Jeffrey didn't!)

Since he's not usually in my weekly picture wrap-up, here's one of Bryan decorating the house he built for Owen and Simon to share.  Owen enjoyed sampling all of the goodies, and Simon was down for a nap during this project. I think they'll both love eating the house Daddy decorated!

Christmas excitement is brewing here at Grouse Creek.  How about where you are?


  1. I really enjoy reading about your family. How is Owen feeling? More like himself? We love the Christmas season here - have some down with the flu today. Hoping it's a 24 hour thing and GONE before Christmas!

    1. Owen is still having seizures, but at least the neurologist agreed that something was going on. He's scheduled for an EEG on 1/15, and in the meantime, one of his meds has been increased. It can take a couple of weeks to see if that helps, but at least I feel like we're doing something.

      Praying that those in your family who are sick are feeling better and that the rest of you don't pass it around! Merry Christmas!


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