Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pictures for the Week

Appearently I can't count on my Blogger app to actually publish these posts all the time, since this post from LAST Saturday is still sitting in my drafts. Oops! It wasn't showing as a draft on the computer.

 I'll have to remember to start double checking that they actually make it to the web!

In the meantime, you get two weeks for the price of one!

The current week will be published shortly!
It's been a hectic week! We finished up school until January, and got the room emptied out for my Dad that we needed to. I'm sure looking forward to a lower key week next week (hopefully!)


I got an awesome deal on onions last week, and also...avacados! Bryan stopped after work last Friday to purchase these beauties.

 About $0.50 each for 70 of them at Cash and Carry. We are a lot of guacamole, had avacados in smoothies, and froze the rest--mashed up with lemon juice. Yum!


Ellie helping to empty Jeff's room upstairs  so we could turn it into the new playroom/library. The cradle also got moved to Mom and Dad's room in anticipation of new baby. 


A tub full of books for Goodwill. Purging feels great! 


It's been super rainy, and a couple of great puddles formed in the neighbor's driveway. Jeff eagerly explored the "bridge" that was on this "lake" sized one. 


Oh goodie--this one is sideways! I'm blogging from my phone in bed, and can't get it to turn. Maybe I'll work on that next week if I remember.

I was trying to catch the wind--see the trees bending? Amazing how fall like our December weather has been this year. In the 50s some days! 

Of course just a few weeks ago it was single temperature highs, so I'm enjoying the heat wave!


Jayme got Simon back to sleep after he woke up too early from a nap. Isn't this precious? 


I absolutely love watching the kids play spontaneously! Jeff and Ellie have really been trying hard to incorporate Sydney and Simon into their free play. They were all chasing each other all over the house. They even taught Simon to crawl under the table today.

Jeff had just caught Simon  in this picture. Ellie decided to take advantage of Jeff being on the ground to do her own tackling!

I love the joy our blessings bring into our lives. All of them! I'm going to make it a point to really enjoy the days with them while we take a break from school, and build some memories together! 

Any plans for your Chriatmas break? 

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