Saturday, December 6, 2014

End of Week Pics


This was our driving day, and I didn't get a picture. As wonderful as our trip was, it was nice to make it home! 


My sister and brother-in-law gave Sydney some cute foam blocks for her birthday. The kids collaborated and this is what they came up with.


We made potato stamps to decorate some butcher paper for wrapping paper. Jayme worked hard on her TMNT stamps. Getting the mirror effect right was a challenge for her, but she kept at it until she got it right. Fluconazole


The Christmas decoration tub made it up from the basement, and everyone really enjoyed going through it. We put some lights up in the kitchen, and hung a few things around. We will do more decorating later in the month, making sure that everything is Owen (and Pica) safe.


The kids have so much fun with Bryan in the evenings! He's the one in the yellow shirt, buried under kids. A dogpile in the making! 


Know what happens if you mix lime Jello and orange Jello? You get Sewer Gewer! 

The kids loved it!


A game changer for our family. I'll explain more another time, but my Dad will be moving in sometime over the next two weeks. (This is his house we are living in and he's struggling.)

That means we had to get a room empty for him, and so we spent a lot of time today cleaning and decluttering. It definitely needed done. 

We are rearranging rooms and moving everything around. With this change coming, my blogging time might be cut short while we adjust. 

But, my picture for the day shows the back of our Explorer loaded up with items for Goodwill. It's amazing how much we've been hanging onto!

The house is looking much better, and drawers  are no longer crammed full of stuff we don't like or need. We are also downsizing our book collection, and I'm finally tossing the ones that Owen ripped up. No point in hanging onto books with pages missing. Sad for me, but freeing at the same time. 

It'll be a busy few days for us as we continue preparing for another family member to join us. (And then another once baby is born!) Crazy days ahead! 

Anything new on your agenda? 

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