Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free the Frozen Animals

Integration and exposure are the main goals of homeschooling for Owen.   This activity was a perfect way to tackle both of those, AND hit some fine motor goals simultaneously.

I borrowed some of Jayme's small plastic animals (the kind that come in tubes...) and stuck two each in several different sized containers.  I added water and a few drops of food coloring.  When the color mixed, I stuck them all in the freezer overnight.

When it was time to free the animals, I covered the table in bath towels.  I grabbed a dish basin for extra ice.  Pulled out a handful of knives and explained the rules to the kids. 

Their job was to completely free their two animals.  They could use knives, or any other tools they could think of as long as they were being safe.  I passed out the ice chunks and started to work on mine. 
Ellie and Jeff use table knives to free the animals.

Jeff was the first to go search for a different tool.  He brought back a hammer, gave his ice two good thunks, and exposed both animals.  A knife quickly broke off the little chunks that were left.  I set him to work helping Sydney--since she decided it was too cold.

Sydney tries to get her animals out.  But declares the ice cold!
Owen loved playing with the ice.  He was fascinated by the edge of the animal sticking out.  He picked up ice chunks from everyone else and ate them.  Finally, using hand over hand motions, he was able to help hit with the hammer.  He eagerly grabbed his animal and warmed the remaining ice off by mouthing it. 

Owen loved this activity!
When all the animals were free, we picked up the ice and tossed it into the dish basin.  The towels went in the wash.  And that was that!  A fun fine motor activity accomplished.

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