Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Little Boy Is 5!

Happy Birthday Jeffrey James!  It's hard to believe you are already 5.  A whole hand old.  You are growing really quickly.  Thank you for being such a hard worker.  For being a helper.  For seeing what needs to be done. 

I'm looking forward to celebrating with you today, and spending much more time together in the years to come. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite five year old!

JJ's first profile...20 weeks in the womb.

He always is up for a challenge.  Here he is pulling Daddy and Ellie in the wagon.

Jeffrey loves all things tractors.  He's helping Grandpa test drive this one before deciding to bring it home.

Sleep is not his favorite part of the day--but he is such a cutie when he does!

Ready to save the world, or at least his house from danger.  He can squish stink bugs and swat flies.  It's Captain America...Jeff style!

Ellie and Jeff....never a dull moment on Grouse Creek!

Digging at a favorite park.

Crossing the log bridge he helped to build.  

His first picture as a five year old--enjoying the first snow of the season.  God's answer to Jeffrey's praying.

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