Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Cowboy Adventure

Last Friday we went on a Pirate Adventure. Today's Fall Friday Adventure was a cowboy theme.  We donned cowboy hats and headed out into the woods.

 After a quick brainstorming session, we had a list of five items we were hoping to find:
1. Pistol (gun shaped stick)
2. Long Rifle (longer gun shaped stick)
3. Gold nuggets (wood chips or yellowish hued rocks)
4. Lasso (bailing twine)
5. Gold Pan (large, thick piece of bark to hold our nuggets)

We set off down a different path than last week.  Pirates and Cowboys don't use the same road after all! Jeffrey decided we needed to bring along his little wheelbarrow.  He found this in the junk pile a few weeks ago, and it just got outfitted with a new tire..

Here's Jeff with a wheelbarrow full of goodies.  He is standing on a big pile of gold! :)

Ellie found a great long rifle!  Sydney discovered a pistol.  It was so much fun looking through the different sticks and finding the shapes we wanted.

Simon decided it was time to eat, so we made our way to a beautiful clearing.  The kids played in the woods and made a home between the trees. They "cooked" up some mighty good grub!

Here is the main dish that Jayme made me.  The red leaf is the special ingredient. 

After Simon was finished, we hiked back home.  It was an enjoyable adventure!

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