Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let It Snow!

The first snow of the season fell on us yesterday. I have to admit the kids were way more excited than Bryan or I....

Being Jeffrey's birthday, he got to choose the activity for family playtime.  Of course, he picked playing in the snow.  By that time, the snow had pretty much melted from our yard.  But, down by the creek it was still visible. We bundled up and headed down the road. 

Sydney loved the snow!

 We played.  Snowballs were made and thrown.  Cool foot patterns were created.  It was cold.  But oh so fun! 
 Hot chocolate was the perfect treat when we ventured back to the house. Sitting in front of the wood stove drinking cocoa was a great way to relax before quiet time.  The rosy cheeks slowly faded away as we drained our cups and watched the flames rise. 

I may not like the snow.  But I sure love spending time with my kids! They have the ability to warm me up even during the coldest activities.

Has any snow fallen on you yet this season?

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