Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jayme's Cake

I love having an older daughter!  At 11, Jayme is such a blessing.  She helps in so many ways and is just a joy.

She's been wanting angelfood cake from our chicken eggs.  So, I started saving the whites from when I make pudding and need the yolks.  We finally had accumulated 12 whites, and she was so excited. 

Jayme searched the Internet for a recipe she liked.  She knew that the Food Network should be a good site, and found one on there.  The only problem?  It called for cake flour.  Which we didn't have. 

Our friend Google was called upon again, and Jayme found a way to convert all-purpose flour into cake flour.  We could do that. 

She proceeded to follow all the directions and make the cake.  At one point she looked at me and told me that she liked the sifter.  Folks, I didn't even know what a sifter was when I was 11.  (Actually...I didn't ever use one until I needed it for Jayme's home ec lessons a couple of years ago....I just skipped that step in recipes! )

Homeschooling is allowing us to build a great bond and lifelong memories.  Jayme is learning things that will serve her throughout her life.  This is why I do it!  Reasons like this.  Jayme prefers the company of her family.  Yes...she has friends.  But, it's me that she comes to when a problem arises. 

The angelfood cake came out perfectly.  Jayme learned some new skills.  We spent wonderful time in the kitchen.  I was making dinner.  Jayme was making cake.  I was there to help when needed.

And we ate cake.  It was delicious!  Jeffrey asked her about frosting.  Jayme pulled blueberries out of the freezer and topped each piece with them.  Yum!

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