Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting It All Done: Table Chores

Without chores, complete chaos would overtake our lives.  From dishes to cleaning, milking to giving fresh animal bedding, see how my family manages to get it all done!

Our chores fall into a variety of categories.  Farm chores.  Table Chores.  Morning Chores.  Weekly Chores.  Afternoon Chores.  You can see on our schedule how we fit chore time into each day.  This post focuses on our procedure for table chores.

Table chores take place at least three times a day.  They are completed after each meal.  Sometimes we need to do them after snacks too, but I try hard to pick easy snacks that don't require much prep or cleanup.

Since my family is littles heavy, I keep my expectations realistic.  I expect my children to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  But, my 11 year old does a better job than my 3 year old. I keep persevering with chores. I keep teaching.  And it's paying off.  My kids may be young, but they are good workers. 

Without further ado...our table chore assignments for this school year:

Simon (3 months)
Lay in playpen and make encouraging goos and gaas for the rest of us :) And blow spit bubbles.  That's important!

Sydney (Almost 2)...
Clean the booster chairs.

She uses a wet rag to wipe all the food off both boosters.  If they need a deeper cleaning, I tackle it after she has removed the food.

I start my kids with this chore because it is so visual.  Do you see food?  No--then you're done!  Yes?  Then wipe more.

It's an easy first chore.  By the time they are 3, they are usually wiping the whole chair and not just the food chunks. 

Ellie (3.5)
 Wipe the table.  Wipe off the food.  Wipe off the sticky.

The food part she has down.  The sticky,...she is getting better!  One of my weekly chores is to scrub the table down, so at least once a week it gets completely cleaned.

Jeffrey (5)
Unload the dishwasher as needed (Due to his size, I put away stuff in the upper cupboards--he stacks it on the counter for me.)

Sweep the kitchen floor--again it's a work in progress. We have two brooms, so I often sweep with him.  He's great at getting piles into the dustpan now.

Owen (7)
Due to Owen's disability, he lacks the motor skills needed to do chores.  To help keep him involved, I'll often give him a wet rag.  He usually chews on it! Or he decides to eat the food off the floor before it gets swept.  Yuck!

Jayme (11)
Put food away (out of the pans, into the right sized container, covered, neatly in fridge). 
Sweep dining room floor, including under table and chairs

Wipe counters and chairs
Load dishwasher
Wash by hand

We all do our chores at the same time.  It typically takes 15-20 minutes to clean up after a meal.  I make sure and clean as I cook, which keeps the kitchen from becoming terrible. Singing helps the time go faster, so we'll often sing as we work.

How do table chores get accomplished at your house?

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