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Owen's Story: Part 1

Our Angel on Earth

Owen's story starts way back in 2005.  I had just graduated college, and starting my first teaching position in a high school severe/profound special education classroom.  My husband was in his final year of his Navy enlistment, and preparing to deploy on the USS Ronald Reagan.

Labor Day weekend presented Bryan and I with the opportunity to get together.  He was in Fallon, Nevada for training.  Jayme and I were in the middle of Washington.  He had time off.  I had time off.  We both got in cars and started driving.

We met in John Day, Oregon.  As luck would have it...all the hotels were booked solid.  Some kind of county fair or something.  Of course there aren't many towns in that neck of the woods. So we started trekking back towards Nevada, looking for a room.

Everyone was exhausted by the time we arrived, but we finally found a room in McDermit, NV.  The next day, we traveled a bit further to Winnemucca.  We enjoyed a fabulous weekend as a family--the final one we'd have before Bryan finished training and deployed.

At the end of the weekend, he headed back to Fallon.  Jayme and I headed back to Washington.  It was a long drive, but definitely worth it.

A few weeks later, we found out we were expecting for the second time.  We were excited!  The baby was due in early June, and Bryan's enlistment was up in July.

When my 20 week appointment came around, Bryan had been deployed for a couple of weeks.  We weren't going to peek, but I decided I wanted to know.  The ultrasound tech said boy, and I was super excited!  Since Bryan wasn't able to share in the joys of this pregnancy, I decided to go for a fancy 3D ultrasound appointment.  My mom went with me, and we enjoyed watching the baby move around for almost an hour.  The company made a great DVD, and I was able to mail it to Bryan.

We picked the name Wyatt Joseph--one we were going to use for Jayme had she been a boy.  Then my mom started singing an annoying song.  About Wyatt Earp urping a lot. Yeah...the name had to change!  So we started having long distance email communications about a new one.  That was fun.

Everything was looking good!  Fast forward a few months, and we are at the tail end of the school year.  Then the bomb threats started happening.  The high school I was at had three of them in a two week period.  Three very stressful incidents for me.  Even though I had been planning on working full time until baby came, I went down to half-days.

Bryan made it back stateside, and was in California waiting to start terminal leave in mid-June.  He surprised me by coming home on Memorial Day weekend.  I really wanted to have the baby when he was home, and even went in with some contractions on that Saturday.  I got sent home :(.  Bryan left.  I kept waiting. 

On May 30th, while walking around with a friend, I had my first major contractions.  After we finished, Jayme and I drove back home. Later that night, the contractions picked up a notch.  I got up and bounced on an exercise ball while playing on the web.  About 3 in the morning, I noticed they were growing more intense.  I decided to finally call my mom (living about 3 hours away...).  She convinced me to time them.  An hour or so later, I called her back with a report that they were definitely close, and called a friend to take me to the  hospital.

She came and drove me in and took Jayme back with her.  It was definitely labor!  My mom showed up just in time.  Just before 8 in the morning, Owen Elijah entered the world.  I was overjoyed!  I called Bryan and left him an excited message.

Owen seemed fine--he was 7 pounds, 5 ounces.  My doctor was a little concerned because he had a really weak cry and had trouble keeping his body temperature up.  A little time under the heater perked him up, and we all settled back to enjoy life with Owen.

Those first few months were a wonderful time--we had all the typical expectations for Owen.  That he would continue to grow and change and develop just like all babies.  What a surprise we had coming! 

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