Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun, Nameless Game

The kids were antsy last night, and needed to burn off some energy.  Since it was dark out, I knew it had to be an inside game.  It was time for creativity!

We scooted the coffee table out of the way to make room. I took two pieces of printer paper and had Jayme cut one in half.  We took one half and folded it in half. I taped it shut.

On the whole piece we wrote a 10.  On the half we wrote 25.  On the quarter we wrote 50.  Then we taped the pieces to the floor.

The numbers don't really show, but 10 is on the top, then 25, and then the tiny 50.
I had the kids round up four plastic plates for our toy kitchen, and one ring from the toddle ring stacking toy.  It served as a shooter. 

The kids sat on the rug, closest to the 10 paper. You can just barely see the edge of the rug in the picture above.  I had Jayme go first to demonstrate.

She took a plate and set it on the edge of the rug.  Then she grabbed the shooter and used it to propel the plate forward.  In this picture, you can see that one of her plates is landed across from the 25 paper.  One is still in motion just past the 10. 

We kept the scoring simple.  If you landed a plate on a paper, you got double the score of that paper.  If you landed between the rug and the 10, you got 0 points.  Between 10 and 25 was worth 10.  Between 25 and 50 was 25.  Between 50 and the dining room chairs was 50.  Past the chairs was 0. 

Here, Jeff just took a shot.  He landed across from the 25 paper, and earned 25 points.  We did three rounds.  Each round consisted of all three kids shooting all four plates.  At the end of every round, I'd add up the score and announce the game.

After three rounds, Jayme was the winner with 355 points.  Everyone had fun.  Everyone burned off some energy.  It was neat! 

Ellie taking her turn.  She earned 10 points for this one! 

Our cheering section.  Owen and Sydney! We will definitely be playing this again.

The only problem?  We don't have a name for our game.  Any ideas?

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