Thursday, November 21, 2013

K Is For Kangaroo!

We had a fun time with the letter K today.  Jeff and Ellie decorated a kangaroo onto a large letter K I cut from construction paper.  I cut out the pieces for their joey as well, and then turned them loose. They had glue, scissors, wiggly eyes and other basic art supplies handy. It was neat how they both went in different directions with their creations.
Ellie's finished kangaroo is on the left, Jeffrey's on the right.

Since we don't homeschool on Fridays for the most part, we try to end each Thursday with a fun craft.  It helps to reinforce the learning from the week and uses some creativity. Brown paper would have been better, but we were out and used black.  Use what you have and avoid unnecessary trips to the store.  Even if that means black kangaroos. 

Ellie is adding a smile for her joey.

Sydney is helping Jeff with the wiggly eyes.

What crafts have you created lately?

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